Post-Concussion Syndrome

Concussions and their sequelae are prevalent in today’s society. Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome typically involve pain, chronic muscle tension, headaches, jaw pain, difficulty with mental processing and memory, dizziness and light and sound sensitivities. We find that post-concussion syndrome typically involves inflammation and dysregulation within the postural, visual, auditory, vestibular, autonomic and central nervous systems. Treatment often requires a plan of care that includes nutritional guidance, dental integration and vision therapy.  

We promote a multi-disciplinary approach as we work side by side with behavioral optometrist Dr. Robert Jacobs in our Posture & Vision clinic to facilitate coherence between your postural and visual systems. Through these cutting edge treatments, we are able to calm and reorient your body to a centered, grounded and regulated state of being. We also work closely with many dentists who appreciate and understand that your occlusion (bite) is involved in your postural and breathing patterns. In some cases, it is essential for you to receive this interdisciplinary treatment.