Nasal Release Technique

The nasal release technique is a powerful structural technique used to adjust the bones of the skull. The procedure uses a small finger cot affixed to an inflatable device (balloon) which is inserted into the nasal passages. The balloon inflation presses outward against the bones lining the breathing passages and adjusts the sutures of the skull, particularly the sphenoid. This ultimately relieves the forces that have gone into the skull by releasing any impactions in the cranial sutures.

This nasal release procedure also has many other names — endonasal technique, cranial facial release, nasal cranial release, bilateral nasal specific technique, functional cranial release and neurocranial restructuring nasal specific technique.

We have found the nasal release technique to be particularly helpful to individuals experiencing post-concussion syndrome, headaches, orofacial/craniofacial pain, TMJ dysfunction, difficulty breathing through their nose and sleep disturbances.

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