Fibromyalgia &
Chronic Fatigue

We recognize that if you are dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, you will benefit from a holistic and integrated treatment approach. Determining the best plan of care is a collaborative process with you and your physical therapist. 

From a physical perspective, we approach fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patterns using our various posture, movement and breathing therapies. We want to ensure your nervous system is appropriately communicating with your postural system so that your body feels grounded, relaxed and free to move. Taking into account your nutritional status will help to ensure your cells, tissues and body are fully supported to reduce inflammation, pain and toxins to facilitate healing. 

In cases dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, it is common that the physical body may be holding onto certain stressful emotions and perceptions that can negatively impact the healing process. We utilize a variety of mind-body integration techniques to help release these patterns so that you can fully restore your health and vitality.  

Finally, our sound and light therapies offer great potential to revitalize not only your cells, tissues and physical body but also your energy body which holds the blueprint to all the dimensions of who you are.