Nutrition Therapy

Proper nutrition and use of supplements may help to fill gaps that are missing in your physical therapy program. Chronic pain, fatigue and inflammation can be significantly rooted in our diet. Nutrient deficiencies can negatively impact your cells, tissues and overall ability to heal. Making changes that involve removing, modifying and restoring particular foods and nutrients has the potential to create positive shifts in your physical health.  

Our modern world exposes us pesticides, heavy metals, pathogens, artificial ingredients and chemicals that create toxins in our bodies. The accumulation of toxins can create chronic inflammation, which leads to pain, fatigue and stiffness. Supportive nutrition therapy allows your body to heal by gently and naturally releasing toxins. When your cells are unburdened and not in a chronic state of damage control, your tissues, organs and systems can optimally function. Nutrition therapy is a key component in helping you physically, mentally and emotionally be at your best.