Posture & Vision Clinic

Our posture & vision clinic is a co-treatment session with behavioral optometrist Robert Jacobs, OD and your physical therapist using principles of Postural Restoration (PRI). We understand that your postural and visual systems are intimately connected, and one inevitably impacts the other. During the first two years of human development, the postural system guides our visual development. Then, the visual system primarily governs our postural development. 

During posture & vision clinic, Dr. Jacobs uses the postural testing and analysis feedback conducted by your physical therapist to determine the most appropriate lens prescription to best support your postural-visual system. Sometimes even the slightest degree of change in a prescription can make a huge difference in the degree of tension in your body.  

This lens prescription can be for regular daily use (such as your distance lenses) or it may be therapeutic in nature where the lenses are only to be used for upright dynamic movement activity. The purpose of these therapeutic “movement” lenses is to adjust your perception of space and the ground to subsequently reduce tension, torque and stress in your body.   

Individuals with strong dysfunctional postural patterns such as chronically tight, painful necks and backs often benefit from integrating visual and postural therapy. Those with diagnoses such as POTS, concussion, whiplash and central nervous system problems are excellent candidates for this cutting-edge intervention.