Orofacial Pain &
TMJ Dysfunction

Headaches, orofacial pain and TMJ dysfunction commonly occur with neck pain and tension. There is generally an underlying postural imbalance that needs to be addressed. We incorporate traditional and holistic therapies to restore appropriate head, orofacial and neck relationships. We also address your trunk, pelvis and feet as they provide the supportive foundation for everything above. How we breathe directly impacts how we posture ourselves. Establishing proper breathing patterns is a crucial component of our treatment paradigm. This process typically involves training proper tongue posture and swallowing, which are often impaired in individuals with these symptoms.  

We use modalities such as frequency specific microcurrent and cold laser therapy to reduce inflammation and facilitate cellular and tissue healing. Nutrition therapy can also address underlying inflammation and pain factors. We also find that respecting the mind-body connection is critical, particularly for chronic conditions, and will integrate holistic therapies when appropriate.