COVID Recovery

If you have lingering COVID symptoms, One 2 One Physical Therapy can help you! We offer in-person and virtual appointments!

Nutritional Support

It is essential that your cells have the appropriate macronutrients, micronutrients, antioxidants, hydration and other individualized nutritional support to facilitate your body’s ability to appropriately heal.


Microcurrent involves the application of micro-amperage current (the same level your body produces on its own) to the body. Microcurrent therapy is unlike any other electrical stimulation modality because it can target specific cells to increase ATP (the energy substrate of your body) synthesis and promote cellular regeneration and healing. After a single treatment, recipients are reporting feeling significantly better. We have even received feedback regarding positive changes in blood markers.

Breathing and Postural Training

In order to receive an adequate gas exchange, detoxify and remove inflammatory waste, your body needs to be able to appropriately pump and circulate. This is driven by proper breathing and movement patterns. We are specialists in this domain and have taught thousands of patients how to restore these essential functions.