Wellness & Prevention

Furthermore, upon reaching their original goals, we find that many of our patients want to continue working with us to improve further and develop themselves. New goals come up as you reach new heights and abilities. There is always room to learn and redefine yourself!

We have thus developed a unique multi-dimensional holistic Wellness and Prevention program specifically designed for those individuals who do not have an active physical limitation or complaint to qualify for insurance based Physical Therapy restorative services.

This program is also an option for individuals who do not have significant insurance coverage or can obtain a physician’s referral for Physical Therapy services.

Within this structure, we have regular and senior discounted pricing and the opportunity to purchase packages for further discounts. We can also offer the Wellness and Prevention program virtually as many of our primary services can successfully be accomplished in this format. 

For more information regarding our Wellness and Prevention program, pricing and packages, refer here.

Through our customized Wellness and Prevention framework, we unravel any underlying dysfunctional patterns you have down to the root, balance your center, and connect you to the core of your body, breath, and who you truly are.

When these elements are aligned, you have the freedom and ability to do what you want to do, feel how you want to feel, and be who you want to be. Our goal is to help you really live your life- balanced, pain-free, and full of energy!

What makes us unique is integrating our many multi-faceted services into your customized plan to support your goals. We help you connect your physical self with your physiological, mental/emotional, and energetic domains as we recognize that they are intimately related.

To promote true wellness and prevention, your mind-body complex needs to be carefully considered. When you unite your physical, mental, and energy elements, you optimize your body’s natural ability to self-regulate and thrive.

Once we have assessed your unique patterns and goals via our in-depth evaluation process, we create a customized Wellness and Prevention plan that typically includes a mixture of our services.

Participants also can receive any of the following services as a single service instead of a customized mixture. Your program creation is a collaborative process between you and your Physical Therapist.

Each plan is individualized and intended to provide you with the opportunities and support you need to achieve your wellness and prevention goals.

These plans are fluid in nature and evolve as you do. We meet you where you are and with what you are comfortable participating in; as we understand, not every service is indicated for everyone.

We offer all the same services in our Wellness & Prevention Program that we offer our Physical Therapy patients. 

You can view a full list of our services here.