Virtual Posture, Movement & Breathing Classes

You now have the option to purchase 6 months of access to the recordings of our prior class series:
  • “The Foundation”
    • This series will teach you important principles to promote neutral alignment and optimal breathing patterns. This series provides the key exercises and skills to restore and optimize your posture, breathing, and movement.
  • “Unwinding Your Postural Asymmetries”
    • Did you know that your body is asymmetrical by design and that stress can amplify these asymmetries? Learn how to unwind the patterns of twist and torque in your body to create more alignment, ease tension and create balance.
  • “Support your Immune Health”
    • Discover how to use your breath, posture and movement to support your immune health by enhancing lymphatic flow, cellular oxygenation and increase your production of the natural anti-viral agent, nitric oxide!
  • “Grounding for Stress Reduction”
    • Explore how your breathing and postural patterning can help anchor and connect you to the earth, be present and reduce stress. 

We offer 2 ability levels so all can participate!

  • “Full Level” is for those individuals who are comfortable transitioning on and off the floor where most of the exercises are floor-based.
  • “Modified Level” is for those individuals who are not comfortable getting on and off the floor where the majority of exercises are chair based with some standing.

Each class is 30-40 minutes in duration and concludes with a grounding and relaxation meditation using a Tibetan singing bowl.

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  • $35 per series (4-5 classes total)
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