What is the Regenetics Method?

The Regenetics method is a biofield-based therapy developed by Sol and Leigh Luckman and can be read about in more detail in “Conscious Healing” and “Potentiate your DNA” by Sol Luckman. To learn more about what biofield therapies are and how they work please refer here. 

The Regenetics method utilizes intention and vowel sounds at specific frequencies to activate a systematic “biofield cleanse” which works to clear out any distortions within one’s biofield that may be negatively impacting one’s physical, emotional, and mental health. 

There are 4 primary activations within the Regenetics method which take a total of ~2.5 years to fully work through (if done consecutively). It is not required to complete all of the activations but most people end up doing so as it facilitates the most positive change and health benefit.

The first activation is called “Potentiation” as it aims to facilitate your greatest healing potential via removing limiting distortions within your biofield.

Once an activation (~30 minutes in duration conducted by a certified Regenetics facilitator) is complete, the bioenergy repatterning program will then automatically run without any additional interference required by the facilitator. Potentiation has a duration of 9 ½ months as it takes a significant amount of time to fully process and integrate the changes that are occurring at the level of the biofield and then translate them into one’s physical, emotional, and mental domains. 

It is important to note that the success of the activation is influenced by the degree of commitment and readiness of the recipient for multi-dimensional healing. It is important for the recipient to truly desire change within themselves and be open to whatever that process may bring up. 

It is not necessary for the recipient to fully understand the nuts and bolts of the program and they can even be somewhat skeptical of it. One simply must be at a place where they are willing and wanting to change any limiting patterns within them.  As the Regenetics programs proceed one’s highest human potential can unfold. In a way, it facilitates one to become the best version of themselves.

Throughout Potentiation and the subsequent activations, it is possible to experience detox reactions that can be physical, mental, or emotional in nature. Examples of detox reactions are heightened emotions, rashes, flu or cold-like symptoms, pain, etc. 

These detox responses are really healing reactions as your system gains the ability and strength to clear out any chronic pathogenic infections, toxins, beliefs, and emotions you may have that are limiting your healing potential. Thus, by strengthening your biofield your physical, emotional, and mental aspects become healthier.

According to the Regenetics Method, humans have 9 different energy fields whereas each field codes for specific genetic material, glands, organs, systems, toxins, micro-organisms, and emotions. If there is enough distortion in a particular field certain conditions and diseases may occur that are related to that field. 

For example, the 2nd field corresponds to the reproductive organs, oral cavity (mouth), thyroid gland, bacterial and parasite toxins, and emotions such as embarrassment, shame, jealousy, and envy. If there is enough distortion in this field it is possible to have any of the following conditions: thyroid disease, dental problems, fertility issues, chronic bacterial/parasite infections, and/or orofacial dysfunction.

Potentiation is not a purely passive mechanism but an active learning process embracing the concept of “conscious personal mastery” where an individual gains increased conscious awareness of their relationship with their true self and others. 

This includes developing an appropriate sense of safety and security; improved communication and boundaries, self-worth and acceptance; and awareness of one’s true desires and sources of creativity. As a result, a healthier relationship is formed within oneself as well as one’s relationships with others. This sets the stage for deep physical, emotional, and mental healing.

The first step in “conscious personal mastery” is to set your goals and intentions in a positive and affirmative manner. For example, instead of “I will move without pain” phrasing the goal as “I will move with freedom, ease, balance, and comfort” will better set the intention. Instead of what you don’t want, consider what do you want in your life?  

How do you want to feel? What do you want to do? Create? How do you want your relationships to be? The possibilities are infinite and ultimately it is your choice. You have the power to create your own reality. Furthermore, these desires can evolve as you do so your goals may change over time.

Being aware of your goals and an openness to healing will help direct and facilitate the Potentiation process. Visualization of yourself manifesting them can be very powerful towards helping you achieve them. What also tends to happen during Potentiation is that other therapies, decisions, or actions come into your life to help support you along the way. 

“Serendipity” seems to occur more regularly. Finally, research has shown that feelings of love and gratitude have a positive impact on our DNA. Because Potentiation is ultimately enabling you to genetically express your best self, this can be further enhanced via experiencing the emotions of love and gratitude for not only others but yourself as well.

If you would like to proceed with the Regenetics Method, please contact us at info@one2onephysicaltherapy.com to schedule your activation. This session can be performed in person at our office or remotely. Because biofield energy is ultimately non-local in nature and can be accessed from a distance both methods are equally as effective. For local patients, they may choose to undergo the Regenetics Method in person or in combination with our comprehensive physical therapy services to help maximize progress. 

If you choose to receive a distance activation there is NO telephone call as a reminder before or to initiate your Potentiation session, which on our end is performed in a ceremonial manner that combines intoning and thinking special linguistic codes. 

Within 1-2 days after your session you will receive a follow-up email from us outlining the timeline and schematic of your Potentiation process that will continue over the next 9 ½ months.

Unfortunately, the Regenetics method is not a recognized billable service via insurance companies and is therefore a separate specialty service offered through One 2 One Physical Therapy.

Please contact us at info@one2onephysicaltherapy.com for more information or to schedule.